Fire Healer is the solo music project of Joe Chapman, frontman with neo-psychedelic bands The Neon Violets and The Elephant Trip.

Set off on a journey across the mystic meadow, into the darkness of the ancient woodland, on towards the distant beat of tribal drums where you will find Fire Healer, through the smoke through the trees, summoning up a dark voodoo spirit groove.

Fire Healer creates hypnotic vibes using electric mandolin, percussion, organ and voice. Fire Healer's sound is influenced by a love of psychedelic bands, surf, rock and roll, trip hop, dub reggae, world, folk and blues music.

Fire Healer's first live performance was in 2016 opening for The Telescopes at London's New Cross Inn.

Come and experience Fire Healer's live electric performance, this September 6th at The Brewhouse in London, supporting Black Market Karma.